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New Lecture at the JCC Vancouver

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New Book Published! Everyone in Love: The Beautiful Theology of Rav Yehuda Lev Ashlag

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This is a book I’ve self-published on a great but little known Jewish theologian, Yehuda Lev Ashlag. He is known in some circles for his work on the mystical text the Zohar, and in others as the inspiration behind the teachings of some universalist “pop” Kabbalah movements (which is why Madonna visits his grave every year). His writings deserve more thorough study and serious attention, however, as he articulates a fascinating and radical perspective on many core Jewish themes which is rooted in classical thinkers like the Arizal, the Ramchal, Hasdai Crescas, and Chasidut, but goes beyond them in some respects to present a startling systematic theology of Judaism and Jewish spiritual practice.

This book is based on a lecture series that I taught in Vancouver.

Did the Exodus Happen?

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New Lecture in March at the JCC

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Rebbe Nachman: The Wisdom of Animals

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The Rebbe said that it takes both wisdom and great work to be like an animal. This is the aspect of “Every wise-hearted person whom God gave wisdom to is an animal” (Exodus 36:1). This refers to the wisdom to conduct oneself like an animal. (Sichot Ha-Ran 16).

The Rebbe here is playing on the word “behema”. In the original verse it means “within them” (behema), but with a change in vowels is read “animal” (beheima). The original Hebrew is unvowelized, allowing for this type of edifying word-play (MG).

Sichot Ha-Ran than continues with a further gloss (by Rabbi Natan?):

[Our Sages comment on the verse, “God saves both human and animal” (Psalm 36:7). Our Sages say that this refers to “people who are wise and clever, and conduct themselves humbly like animals” (Chullin 5b). This is also the meaning of Asaf’s words, “I was a fool, I did not know, I was (humble) like an animal before You”.]

A Menorah of Spears? | Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals

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A Menorah of Spears? | Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals.


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